About The Event

The weather and climate of South Asia is dominated by the South-West monsoon. Almost 70-80% of the total annual rainfall occurs during the monsoon season (June–September), and the monsoon can have significant socio-economic impacts on sectors of the countries of this region. Last few decades have seen remarkable advances in the understanding and prediction with a longer lead time of several aspects of the monsoon, mainly the rainfall strength and its pattern.

     Regional Climate Outlook Forums (RCOFs) are being conducted in many parts of the world to provide consensus seasonal climate information on a regional scale. The South Asian Seasonal Climate Outlook Forum (SASCOF) was established in 2010 by the South Asian members of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). Since 2010, SASCOF sessions have been organized every year just prior to the summer monsoon season. Conducting of Climate Services User Forums (CSUF) in conjunction with SASCOF forum meeting commenced in 2014

  The objective of the forum is to prepare consensus seasonal climate information for the region that provides a consistent basis for National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) to prepare national-level outlooks. Such platforms also serve to interact with the user sector to understand and enhance the use of climate information

  The SASCOF-16 and CSUF was originally scheduled to be held in Bangladesh, hosted by the Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD). RIMES in collaboration with Regional Climate Centre (RCC), India Meteorological Department (IMD), Pune and the U.K. Met Office shall be organizing SASCOF-16 supported through the ARRCC program

  Due to ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, this season’s SASCOF-16 & CSUF session was held online through video conference during 20-22 April 2020, consisting of 3 hourly sessions spread over 3 days.

  The three-day session was attended remotely by over 50 participants including meteorologist from NMHS of South Asian countries: experts from Regional Climate Center (RCC) such as IMD, Tokyo Climate Center, Japan. The international participants from IRI (International Research Institute for Climate and Society), USA; BOM (Bureau of Meteorology), Australia; Singapore Meteorological Services, Singapore; IITM (Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology), India and University of Hawaii

  The user sector representative joined the CSUF (Climate Services Users Forum) session on the third day (22nd April 2020) of the SASCOF-16 session. The CSUF session attended by representative of regional agencies such as UNESCAP, FAO, UNDRR; uses sector representative from FEWS Net (Famine Early Warning Systems Network), Afghanistan; RCCC (Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre), Bangladesh, NARC (Nepal Agricultural Research Council), Nepal, NAMC (National Agromet Center), Pakistan; DAE (Department of Agriculture Extension), Bangladesh; CER (Center for Ecology & Research), Tamil Nadu, India.